Enjoy your hardwood flooring

Finding the best floor covering could be as easy as considering hardwood flooring. These floors offer a wealth of benefits, including stunning good looks. And they have one of the most extended lifespans in the industry.

Your surfaces will be more stable and durable with these floors in place. And after a professional installation, they'll be as durable as they should be. And finding out more about your options will help you make the best buy.

The most beautiful looks

Wood floors are easy to customize, taking advantage of the extensive choices. Every option adds layers to your floor's visual appeal. Here are a few of the favorites you can make to create the flooring of your dreams:

  • Species
  • Stain color
  • Gloss or textured finish
  • Format
  • Installation layout

As you pick your favorites, you'll see the look you've always wanted to unfold. You'll still have all this variety, no matter which flooring you choose. And it's worth your time to create something that will last.

Durability is what you make of it

Both solid and engineered wood flooring offers durable choices. Solid wood is perfect for busy spaces, especially when finished well. And with professional installation, it can last over 100 years or more.

Engineered hardwood flooring lasts up to 30 years but offers excellent performance in many spaces, standing up to dampness, humidity, and spills without immediately damaging. And you can customize the protection you want and need for your area.

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Never skip a professional installation

A professional installation gives you peace of mind that your wood floors will last. But it also ensures you won't have to worry about premature failure or damage. Our technicians have the training, experience, and equipment for a job well done.

Both materials must undergo acclimation before installation. The process can take one to three days, depending on the circumstances, and is well worth your time. Ask an associate while you're here to find out more about it.

We have the hardwood flooring you need

At Floors & Interiors of Whitehouse and Tyler, we cater to your need for the best hardwood flooring and services. Our associates are dedicated to working with you from start to finish on any size project. So, let us know your flooring dreams, and we'll do the rest.

Choose your hardwood flooring today from our Whitehouse, TX, or Tyler, TX showroom. From there, we serve communities like Whitehouse, TX, Tyler, TX, Bullard, TX, Lindale, TX, Jacksonville, TX, and Henderson, TX. And we're ready to work with you toward your goals today.